Backuptrans Android SMS into iPhone Transfer is intended to move Android SMS into the iPhone directly. Connect both your own Android mobile and iPhone into the computer, and also you are certain to do it in several seconds. Users may decide to transfer all of Android SMS into iPhone or perhaps transfer the SMS having a certain friend while you would like. In any case, you might even store the messages to the local database in the computer for backup. Once you replicate your own Android SMS onto the computer, you should use our computer software to copy all those smses from local database into an iPhone anytime. Watching, printing or exporting your own Android SMS in your own pc are encouraged, too. Users may export and rescue Android SMS being a document on computer having a couple of clicks despite the fact that it came along with a busted screen. Document format comprises text, csvkeyword, HTML. Cleverly, Backuptrans Android SMS into iPhone Transfer enables users to publish Android SMS in debugging discussions. You’re elastic to opt to export/print all of Android SMS or simply the SMS having a certain friend.