Do photos stay on iCloud if deleted from iPhone?2021-05-21T04:35:09+05:00

Yes, under iCloud settings, if you remembered to choose download and keep originals, the photos sync with your iCloud account. Thus, when you delete the images from your iPhone, the photos will remain in your iCloud account.

Can I recover permanently deleted photos from my iPhone without backup?2021-05-21T04:38:34+05:00

It is possible to recover your deleted images without having a backup. However, each case of restoration is different. Lost data is hard to recover when you keep using your device to overwrite the old data. No data recovery app will retrieve data once overwritten.

How can I recover permanently deleted photos?2019-11-06T22:07:50+05:00

D-Back is the most effective tool to help you recover those precious memories in your photo albums. Once you’ve purchased your license, you can download the 100% safe and verified software on your device to retrieve your lost data.

Is iPhone Data Recovery Free?2019-11-06T22:08:32+05:00

The D-Back software from iMyFone is the most popular data recovery tool, and you can download a free trial version before purchasing the basic or standard one. 

What is iMyFone Lockwiper?2019-11-06T22:09:29+05:00

If you’ve locked your iPhone, the Lockwiper software will help you bypass your Apple ID or screen password in minutes. Giving you back full control of your device without any restrictions. 

What is iMyFone?2019-11-06T22:10:08+05:00

iMyFone provides mobile solutions to improve the performance of your IOS Device. The D-Back, Lockwiper and Umate Pro are easy to use tools for Mac and Windows users to recover lost data, free up space, and permanently erase data from old devices. 

How much does iMyFone cost?2019-11-06T22:10:33+05:00

There are several products to choose from at iMyFone. To give you an example, prices for d-back software start at $49.95, and that gives you a basic license for the software. One thing to note this is $20 cheaper than the other iPad Data Recover Tools, including Wondershare Dr. Fone, or iSkysoft Toolbox and EasUS MobiSaver. 

Is iMyFone D Back Safe?2019-11-06T22:10:55+05:00

There’s no third party supplier involved in our deals for iMyFone products. Our discount code takes directly to the iMyFone official website. Therefore there is no malware, virus, or unexpected extras coming with the iMyFone D-Back software.