Already, the most hyped game releases 2019 is a colossal list to construct. But, despite E3 being within touching distance, 2019 has proven itself an exceptional year thus far. And, when we think we’ve crossed another titan off the list of upcoming greats, a new gem rears its head — a roster, so incredible that it continues to grow, and bloat in size, as we near the midway point of 2019.

And all this, regardless, of the constant stream of AAA’s, struck off the list with each month that passes. I swear, this year has flashed by in the blink of an eye. In part, this is because we’ve been spoilt rotten by what is only describable as a rich array of top-notch titles.

Here are a host of unbeatable deals on some of those heralded games.

So, a quick recap, before we focus on the future. We’ve had Metro Exodus, the atmospheric, post-apocalyptic, survival horror game, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice; a dark, dystopian and twisted take on feudal Japan dreamt up by the soulsbourne creators. Then came the well-received Resident Evil 2 The Remake. And, more recently, the high-flying Anthem, alongside Days Gone. Not an inappropriate manner through which to begin 2019 by any stretch of the imagination. But thankfully, the list doesn’t stop there.

On that note, to help you budget the year better, and save those valuable pennies for what truly counts, we’ve compiled this list of must-play games coming across platforms in the year 2019. By the end of this year, I won’t have a penny to my name.

However, despite my woes, all those days rationing, and slurping on tinned soup would have been worth the blockbuster line-up of games to come. At least, in my opinion. So, without any more significant delay, here are the most hyped game releases 2019

Rage 2

Imagine if Borderlands and Mad Max got together and produced offspring in one wild night of passion. Then, and only then, would you have the zany and bizarre makings of Rage 2? Or that of similar effect. Rage 2 promises to be an intoxicating cocktail of pulse-racing action and non-stop, nerve-shredding chaos set in a neon-soaked, cyberpunk infused world. If that doesn’t whet your appetite, then I don’t know what will.

After a natural disaster wipes out most of humankind, those lucky enough to survive the cataclysmic event are plunged into a dystopian world and forced to carve out an existence while pitted against various bandits and mutants of vile nature. Expect plenty of guns, gadgets, vehicles, and adrenaline-soaked firefights when the game hits shelves on May 14, 2019. A dystopian nightmare, quickly becoming one of the most hyped game releases 2019.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Sometimes, bog-standard and repetitive hack and slash combat can wear a little thin. For the combat connoisseur, however, Creative Assembly’s Total War franchise has always been the go-to game for masterful tacticians. Or those that seek to prove their metal in the battle of minds and wits, as well as in the field.

A blend of turned-based politicking and RTS battles, Total War: Three Kingdoms seamlessly infuses strategy and live-action, set in a country steeped in historical relevance; China. With so much source material to work with, Three Kingdoms is set to blow minds when it arrives May 23, 2019.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fuelled

On a subject that divides public opinion to this day, the original CTR is lauded by many, as the ultimate kart racing game, clinching the top-spot from the beloved Mario Kart 64. And, the cult classic Diddy Kong Racing. That’s a bold statement, but in terms of handling, I echo those sentiments 100 times over.

But enough blasting on about the past. As of June 21, 2019, devoted fans of Crash Team Racing will be able to once again, turbo charge around the tracks with iconic characters such as Tiny, Neo Cortex, Puma and of course, our beloved maverick marsupial Crash Bandicoot.

This time around, fans have the option to battle it out in an all-new online competitive mode. And, those wealthy enough to purchase the definitive pre-order edition, will finally be able to whizz around the arena with, none other than playable character; Nitros Oxide! Halleluiah, the heavens have officially opened.

The Sinking City

What do you get if you mesh the horrors of a Lovecraftian nightmare with a sleepy, mysterious village steeped in wonder? Oh, and elements of the supernatural, unspeakable obscenities and things not fit for this earth? Well, The Sinking City of course. In what is a clear homage to H.P. In truth, The Sinking City, with its retro-inspired aesthetic, and a mishmash of genres, is an intriguing concept.

Seemingly, the objective here is not to lose your marbles amidst all the unfolding madness. Easier said than done. In what is a crime/horror/thriller set to steal all the headlines when it releases on June 27, 2019. Undoubtedly then, The Sinking City is one of the most hyped game releases in 2019.

Super Mario Maker 2

For those that like to get their creative juices flowing, the arrival of a sequel to Mario’s smash-hit series will equate to welcome news. Ever postulated what it would be like to create your own 2D Mario levels? Wouldn’t that be cool? Well, now you can do just that.

With all the tools in the toolbox upgraded from the previous iteration, players can now play god. With new enemies, features, parts, side-scrolling mechanics and more, Super Mario Maker 2 promises to be the ultimate customization kit. And, one that’s fit for any plumber-loving fan of the franchise.


Game Releases 2019: Conclusion

All in all, 2019 continues to defy all logic and expectation. Never have we seen such an impressive slurry of gems back to back, month after month, consistently. At least, not in my living memory anyhow. In setting out the year ahead, we do hope this list of the most hyped game releases 2019 has helped put things into perspective.

After all, many games attractively twinkle in the eye. But sadly, we can’t purchase every single one. That is unless you’re a wealthy magpie. Hopefully, narrowing down the schedule will aid you in making an informed decision. Or, at the bare minimum, will help you to prioritize your Christmas list!

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What are your thoughts on this list of the most hyped game releases 2019? Any titles you wish to add? Let us know in the chat. As always, we value your views.

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