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muvee Reveal Encore


The easiest video editor on Earth is muvee Reveal Encore for Windows!


Create animated videos. You may either choose your own music or from the carefully curated licenced music we have chosen for each Style. Muvee Reveal analyses the music to ensure that your video adheres to the delicate curves of the emotional index and cuts to the rhythm.

Muvee Reveal Encore has the intelligence to automatically zoom in on faces in your images. Well, just move the attention to another item if that’s what you’d want. Additionally, you may control the camera’s zoom level, start and stop positions, and ability to scan across an image. You may serve as the director of photography with magicSpot.

You may add any kind of music, only the chorus, or you can combine three songs. Then incorporate some music from the movie’s soundtrack to get the wind, applause, and laughing.

Whether using Dad’s 10-year-old camera or his most recent GoPro Hero, muvee Reveal Encore supports all the common consumer video formats. For everyone’s watching enjoyment, upload to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, or save a copy to your iPhone or iPad!