Purchase world’s best AtomPark Software for Email Marketing & Email Campaign and Services.

Bulk Mailers
Generate and send bulk mailings using personalized, unlimited, mailing lists and with preliminary spam checks. Sent email campaigns can be tracked–as well as monitored–with the help of the statistics that are gathered. Unsubscribers will be automatically removed.

Email Extractors
A continuous search for new clients is performed quickly and automatically with our Email Extractor software. It also uses filtering rules and targeted search requests to the max! Email address sources can be websites, databases, hard disks, local files and even CDs.

List Managers
Keep your mailing lists fresh and of the best quality. List Manager enables you to verify the email addresses on your list. Furthermore, List Manager makes your mailing lists more targeted, and that results in more sales for you! It will let you keep in touch with leads through auto-replies and even has automatic unsubscription features.