Iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense provides a comprehensive package of security, privacy, and performance needs under a simple interface. Most of us have discovered at some point hacked emails, malicious malware or a virus, data theft, and getting inundated with spam and pop-ups ads. All these threats grow more sophisticated every minute, making it critical to protect your PC and privacy with the System Mechanic Ultimate Defense.

Previously named Phoenix 360, the software featured an all-in-one security suite and PC cleanup tool. It now offers a new intuitive design that brings in line with Iolo’s other software – with the addition of new facilities to defeat online threats. Other System Mechanic tools on the market focus on improving your PC’s performance, the Ultimate Defense from Iolo builds on the PC performance and provides a fully-fledged security suite for protecting you from online threats.

The Additional Features of System Mechanic Ultimate Defense below.

PC Optimization

Although packed with new software features, boosting your PC performance remains a primary objective for Iolo System Mechanic Defense. The interface puts system optimization front and center to ensure you scan your PC regularly for unnecessary files, broken registry entries, and more.

Privacy Guardian

In an age of constant connectivity, one essential feature in Ultimate Defense is the Privacy Guardian. It helps protect your online privacy, allowing you to browse the web safely and securely. Privacy Guardian works by preventing fingerprinting and offers protection from the sophisticated types of online tracking – that cookies and VPN’s don’t.

Malware Killer

Malware Killer was an integral part of the primary system defense tool in Iolo’s Phoenix 360. The tool now offers even more control over what happens to identified threats. In addition to this, you can set exclusions and review previous scans to keep you on top of your PC performance.


SystemShield protects your PC from Viruses. The simple to use antivirus app provides a heuristic analysis to detect threats before they’ve embedded into your files. You can manually trigger or schedule scans to remove the risk of viruses before they damage essential data.


The exciting new feature for Iolo System Mechanic Defense towards malicious intermediaries that attempt to steal personal information such as credit card information. Byepass works by encrypting your private details and deploying it on as needed.

Discover even more features to help you protect your PC from the growing threats online with the top internet security software. Ready to get started with Iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense? Buy today and get 50% off the RRP.